Screwloose, a local group in Milton Keynes, held an art auction to raise awareness of mental ill health, supporting Mind BLMK. 

In January this year, in Milton Keynes a young man called Eric, 29 years old, took his own life. His housemate and some close friends organised an art auction as a way of responding positively to the shock of that loss. It is their way of keeping going, of making sense of what happened and creating something positive and lasting in their friend’s memory. Within that group of friends something else has changed. They have started to talk to one another about their own struggles to maintain good mental health. They are more open and honest about times when they have needed, for example, medical intervention for depression, or counselling to help with the pressures of modern life and so on. As a group they are supporting one another to maintain good mental health.

This shows the importance of being open about mental health. The importance of talking about how you are feeling. The importance of accepting that sometimes, we all struggle and having someone there can make an enormous difference.

Many, many thanks to the Screwloose group for supporting Mind BLMK, for raising awareness, for breaking the stigma and for making it just a little bit easier for people to talk about their stuff. This is what makes a difference.

Big thank you to Tom and the team and for all the artists that donated pieces and the people who bid and bought - your support will make a difference.

You can find details of Screwloose on their Facebook page - click HERE.