We are very pleased to announce that Co-op members have donated a massive £5,728 to Mind BLMK through the Co-op Local Community Fund!

Every time a member shops at Co-op, 1% of what they spend on selected Co-op products and services goes to the Local Community Fund. Together with money from sales of shopping bags, this helps to fund local projects. Sapphira Timperio, our Project Support Manager, went to Co-op in Dunstable to collect a cheque last weekend, along with other charities who had been selected this year.

Sapphira said:

We are so grateful to Co-op and its members for their generosity in making this donation to Mind BLMK. This means that we can continue to support our local community in Dunstable with new projects to help improve their mental health and wellbeing.

The Co-op Local Community Fund is a wonderful scheme that enables money to be given back to local communities by the people who live in them, and over £20 million has been raised and donated in this way. Mind BLMK is very glad to have been a part of this and to be able to use this donation to support our vital work. Thank you!

Supported by Co-op members