Support for a mental health problem isn’t just about the treatments you may receive, it’s also about the support that helps you in your day-to-day life. We call this ‘life support’.

To support this campaign, people from Mind BLMK services told their stories, including those in the video above. 

The campaign started with focus groups held with people from across Mind BLMK's patch, looking at what was important to them. What came out from these discussions led to the 'Life Support' campaign. 

I wouldn't have the support that I need to function and contribute to society. These services are a life saver.

- Sandy, South Molton

‘Life support’ services provide help with completing forms, housing and benefits advice, handling debt and finances, reconnecting and feeling part of the community. Services that help you to live a full life and stay well.

Every day, community-based organisations up and down the country provide ‘life support’ services which help people with mental health problems. But they’re undervalued, underfunded and under threat.

We need to celebrate and promote the value of these ‘life support’ services. 

You can help Mind BLMK continue to deliver this support to local people by donating to us - every penny that gets donated goes towards helping Mind BLMK reach more people, provide more support and offer more chances to people in need. Click HERE to help. 

You can also help by getting involved and by sharing our news with your friends and family.