Two members of the local Cubs pack have supported Mind BLMK's Youth in Mind project by trying to make us their Charity of the Year.

Two young cub pack members from Clapham have recently shown how mental health and wellbeing is becoming easier to talk about, when they promoted Mind BLMK in the Charity of the Year decision. Whilst they weren't successful (the eventual winners were an animal charity), this is a really positive sign. As our Youth in Mind campaign states, mental health difficulties in young people are getting more common and anything that helps young people to talk about things, reduce the stigma that sadly still affects so many and raises awareness of the support that is out there is a positive thing.

Mind BLMK would like to offer huge thanks to the Cubs for raising this important issue and to the two Cubs pictured for doing such an awesome job in promoting us.

You can find more information about our Youth in Mind campaign HERE and you can support the campaign by donating HERE.