Older people and those that support them gathered at Kings House on Wednesday to discuss the importance of supporting good mental health as people age.

The Wellbeing for Later Life Conference, supported by The Harpur Trust, covered issues such as physical activity, looking after your mental health, managing bereavement and the importance of relaxation. With over 50 participants taking part, the event aims to start conversations about how the Bedford communities can make sure older people stay as well as possible.

The conference, part of Mind BLMK’s support for older people, is part of a project that works with people across Bedford Borough to help them feel more confident in supporting people experiencing mental health difficulties.  With as many as 3 in 5 older people having depression, anxiety or other issues and a population that is getting older, it is essential that older people are able to get the help they need.

Clare Anderson, Project Coordinator, who organised the event said:

‘It was fantastic to see so many people really engaged in the event. Mental health is a really current issue, but older people are so often overlooked so this was a good step towards making sure that there is help when its needed’

The Wellbeing for Later Life project works across Bedford Borough, offering training and workshops for people in communities, support to older people and help to develop support groups to help older people stay connected. More information can be found HERE