The sun shone, the music played and we met LOADS of people to talk about all things health and wellbeing.....LUTON CARNIVAL!

Colouring, Wheel of Wellbeing and Glenis doing her thing....!



Bank holiday weekends are known for being damp and dreary. Well this one wasn't. It was gorgeous. 

We set our stall, with information, the 'Wheel of Wellbeing', activities for children and a dedicated team
of highly motivated staff and people came to us. 

We had Music 24 next door, with drumming and tunes, a sound system behind us banging our the bass beats, some wonderful food cooking smells drifting over towards us and the shade of the tree to help us stay cool. 

Jade shows off her artistic skills. 



The Health and Wellbeing zone had lots of different organisations represented, so a great chance for us to say 'hello' to those we knew and 'good to meet you' to those we didn't before, but do now! We also got to speak to dozens of people about mental health, challenging stigma, how to have good wellbeing and how people could get involved with Mind BLMK. 

The Health and Wellbeing Zone participants (our Steve is on the end).



A HUGE thank you to everyone who helped out on the stall, to the other participants that were all lovely, to Gail for pulling it all together and for EVERYONE who came and had a natter, did some colouring (some brilliant pictures of things that make you happy) or got some info. A fabulous day all round.

Same time next year?

Lunch was lovely - chicken and corn and yummy!

Jade and Co sharing the love.