It is well-known that writing can be a good way of expressing all your thoughts and feelings that would otherwise stayed locked up within you. Two of our members have certainly found it helpful recently to use creative writing as a way of expressing themselves.


Jeff with his bookJeff has been writing the story of his life since the 1970s. He started writing it on paper, then he started typing it up and eventually he transferred his pages to a computer. Many times over the years, he was frustrated with what he'd written and this led to him tearing up all his notes and abandoning the whole project. Then he signed up with one of our mentors who has also written books to see if he could get help to finish his book. Nearly a year later, he is now the proud owner of his published book. On Monday, the Luton Wellbeing Centre celebrated this huge achievement with a party for Jeff. He's already talking about writing the sequel which will focus on the ten years he has been coming to Mind BLMK and using our services.



EamonWe recently started a project called The Human Bookstore project to encourage people with a story to tell about their lives to put it all into a book. The aim of the project was to give people the practical tools needed to improve their confidence and wellbeing, and to share their experience with others. Eamon attended the project in Bedford and wrote about his parents and his family background in LaEamontvia. The book is written in both English and Latvian, and is a lovely, poignant story about the importance of heritage. Eamon has been attending Mind BLMK for a couple of years now and has become a passionate supporter of our service. He is about to put his book up for sale on Amazon shortly with proceeds going to Mind BLMK.

Do look out for it on the virtual shelves!

Eamon has also been attending poetry workshops and recently wrote a poem through one of his classes, which you can read here.