How do I access Counselling?

If you are in Milton Keynes, you can access our counselling service by filling in our easy online referral form at you can also download a printable referral form from this link.

Initial screening

We will conduct an informal assessment to discover if short term counselling is a good option for you. If we feel for some reason you would not benefit from short term counselling, we have other wellbeing support open to you, such as: Mentoring, Training, Workshops, Horticulture and Art. This could also be something you access initially in order to access counselling at a later date. You must be 16 or over to access our Counselling Service.

Counselling assessment

If we feel you would benefit from short term counselling we will then assess you to discover in what way our services can benefit you.

What to expect

Our short-term counselling service is usually accessed for up to 8 sessions at our Milton Keynes Wellbeing Centre. Our low cost service provides counselling for a wide range of issues including life crisis, loss, anger, self-esteem and identity, relationships, depression, trauma, anxiety and other issues that you may be experiencing.

Is the counselling free?

Cost can often be a big barrier to getting the right support when you need it most. This is why we endeavour to keep costs to a minimum.

A contribution may be required on a sliding scale based on income. This will be discussed with each client.