Become a Guarantor Member and have your say in our 2024 AGM!

A Guarantor Member is anyone who knows and supports the organisation’s values and aims – and we are looking for likeminded members. Becoming a Guarantor Member for Mind BLMK will mean you will have a direct say in how Mind BLMK operates.

By signing up to be a Guarantor Member, you will:

  • Have a direct say in how Mind BLMK operates.
  • Vote to elect the Board of Directors, who oversee the organisation, at the Annual General Meeting.
  • Be part of approving important organisational processes.
  • Agree to pay £1 towards the cost of any outstanding debts if Mind BLMK ever ceases operation.
  • Receive email news about what is happening at Mind BLMK.

If you apply and get approved before the end of August, then you’ll get an invite to our Annual General Meeting in October where your voice will be heard, including voting to elect the Board of Directors. 

The Board of Trustees will need to approve your application, following which you will receive written notification of their decision.

Find out more and apply to become a member HERE. 

Posted on: 1st July 2024

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