Mind BLMK is working in partnership with Music24 at our Luton Wellbeing Centre to offer music therapy and other music-related activities to our service users by referral.

Music24 is a small not-for-profit organisation working across Luton, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire. Established in 2014, Music24 has grown to provide services in the community and to other organisations, specialising in working with those living with dementia, mental health conditions and learning disabilities. They have created a flexible and adaptable team who use music therapy techniques in a safe, fun and interactive way. Music24 has two registered music therapists and various freelance community musicians in their team, offering the opportunity to sing, write songs, play the drums and other percussion instruments, thus enabling people to explore the world of sound. They also offer volunteer opportunities and placements for courses in the health and social care sector.

They have recently relocated their main dementia group to Mind BLMK's wellbeing centre in Luton on a Thursday, from 10 - 11.30am. The group is called Minds in Motion. Also, in the New Year, they will be moving their mental health group to the Luton Wellbeing Centre. That group is called Mind our Music. There is more information about all the projects they offer on their website under 'Our Projects'.