With Weller Wing services moving in March, the Mind BLMK Weller Wing group has now closed.

The Weller Wing Mind BLMK group ran for 15 years. Over that time, we supported hundreds, if not thousands of patients providing a safe space and time away from the ward every Wednesday evening.

Patients were able to socialise over tea and cake, to engage in creative activities and to talk with their peers and Mind BLMK staff about any issues they may have been experiencing. It became part of their weekly routine and many said that the group was something they looked forward to all week.

The impact on patients was huge, as our co-ordinator explained:

When patients were approached about attending the group, their confidence would often be low and their anxiety high. Bit by bit, they would become more confident, and then they would actually start waiting by the doors to be collected, as well as encouraging new service users to come and try the group.

Alongside offering that regular contact, the service was a good bridge for patients between being in hospital and accessing some support after they left. We saw many people who attended the group at Weller Wing go on to attend a Mind BLMK group in Bedfordshire and go from strength to strength in their recovery.

While the Weller Wing Mind BLMK group has now closed, Mind BLMK continues to work with our partners to support people who are in hospital and ensure they are able to have the enjoyment, fun, friendship and support that the Weller Wing group offered and to help them prepare for moving back into the community and continuing their recovery.

A huge thank you to all the staff and volunteers who have supported the group over the past 15 years - it has been fantastic.