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Grab your bikes, scooters, skates, buggies, hand cycles, trikes, or skateboards!

Last year the Prudential Ride for London was said to be the World’s biggest cycling event.

This year they’d like to get as many of us involved as possible, so the ride is going virtual!

15th and 16th August are the important dates for your diaries and your cycling shorts.

Here’s how it works:

  • Go to www.myridelondon.co.uk
  • Choose a challenge, from 1 to 100 miles!  
  • Register (at no cost) and choose the charity you would like to support (Mind BLMK!)
  • In the run up to the event you will receive an email with details to download an app to track your challenge/ride. Make sure to sign up to the app to receive your certificate of participation!

The ride is for everyone, of every age, and every ability. By rediscovering your love of two/three/four wheels, you can make a real difference to Mind BLMK and those in the local area.

If you would like to get involved, please follow the steps above and get on yer bike for Mind BLMK!



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