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RED January FAQs

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Why January?

RED January can provide you with a goal and focus to help you through a characteristically tough month.

RED January can empower, educate and support you to start the year as you mean to go on, forming healthy habits to continue throughout January and beyond.

What if exercising every day seems too daunting?

Whether you’re planning on swimming lengths every morning, walking 10 minutes a day, attending your favourite fitness class or running 100 miles in the month, every achievement is celebrated no matter how big or small.

You can scale things up or ease them back, just keep listening to your body. RED experts will be on hand to offer handy tips and advice.

Are there any risks associated with exercising every day?

In most circumstances, exercising is beneficial for your mental and physical health and can be helpful as part of a long-term recovery or treatment plan. But there are some situations where you might need to take extra care in case it starts to become a problem for you.

It’s important to be aware that you could be at risk of over-exercising. RED January encourages setting realistic goals, tailored to YOU. We are all unique and our approach to exercise should be as well. The general advice is that exercise should be around 30 minutes per day, no more than 45 minutes.

We also encourage REDers to mix up their routine with yoga and stretching, doing low impact sports where possible and rest when needed.

Find more information about exercising safely on Mind’s website.

Where does RED January take place?

At a location that suits you. Whether you’re exercising solo, with friends, family, colleagues, or even your pet dog, you decide where and when is best for you to enjoy your daily activity

You can also feel supported in the knowledge that you will be part of a growing community of REDers around the country that will be out and about getting active at the same time as you.

When is the deadline for RED January 2019?

The deadline to register for RED January is 3 January 2019. We recommend that you register early to get the most out of your RED January experience, including access to RED materials like t-shirts and shoelaces which are provided on a first-come-first-served basis.

I am under 16 – can I still take part in RED January?

Yes – taking part in healthy physical activity when young is a great way to form good habits for the future. These habits will help you stay well and support your physical and mental wellbeing.

If you are under 16, please check with your parent or guardian to get their permission to take part.

What will you do with any personal information I give you?

We will look after any personal information you share with us. This is central to our values as an organisation. We want everyone who supports us, or who comes to us for support, to feel confident about how any personal information they share will be looked after or used.

Please read our Privacy Policy for full details on how we process, store and use personal data.

I want to collect my fundraising in cash and cheques, how do I send this money to Mind?

By post: If you prefer to send in a donation by post please make your cheque payable to Mind BLMK and post it to:

Mind BLMK,
The Rufus Centre,
Steppingley Road,
Beds MK45 1AH

Direct into our Bank: If you would like to pay direct into our bank account, please email [email protected]. We can provide a reference number and details to use for a bank transfer or BACS payment.

Are there any materials you can send me to help me with my fundraising?

Mind and RED January have a range of materials to help you make of the most of your fundraising.

RED January t-shirts (available to order on the website) and laces (free) are provided on a first-come-first-served basis, and all other fundraising materials will be sent via e-mail.

How do I get a fundraising medal?

We’d be delighted to send you a medal in recognition of your fundraising achievements and how much you have raised to support Mind BLMK’s vital services.

These medals will be automatically sent to RED fundraisers from 1 March 2019 onwards. This is to give everyone enough time to collect and send in their fundraising and make sure everyone who should get a medal does receive one. Medals will be sent to the address you originally registered your RED January participation under.

If you have not received your medal by the end of March 2019 and you did fundraise as part of RED January, please let the RED January Team know by emailing [email protected]

I’m fundraising with someone else/in a team – will we all receive a medal?

If you are joint fundraising with another person or team, please make sure all the fundraisers are listed on your JustGiving page.

Please let us know who you’re fundraising with by emailing – [email protected] with the subject line ‘team fundraising’ and we will review these emails when medals start to be sent you to ensure you receive the right amount.

I’m fundraising using JustGiving– am I registered to take part in RED January and will I still receive a medal?

All RED January registrations must be completed through our form to ensure your details are recorded on our database.

When you set up your JustGiving page, this will be matched to your entry on our database so that you will receive a fundraising medal.

How do I connect with other RED January participants?

You can join the RED online community via RED January Facebook, Instagram and Twitter via @REDJanuaryUK.

The communities are a space for you to share your personal progress and feel supported by endless amounts of encouragement.

Facebook – facebook.com/redjanuaryuk
Instagram – instagram.com/redjanuaryuk
Twitter – twitter.com/REDJanuaryUK

Remember to use #REDJanuary in your social posts and tag @mindblmk so we can see where your RED January journey takes you.

I have an interesting story to tell about why I am taking part in RED January – who can I contact?

We would love to find out more about why REDers are taking part! Please contact [email protected]

We may receive more offers of stories than we are able to respond to or publish, but we aim to get back to as many of you as we can.

If you want to share your story and photos with the RED community, please do post them straight onto the RED community social media channels.

How do I contact someone from the RED Support Team?

Share your thoughts, ask a question or simply say hello by contacting us at [email protected]

After January, is that it for RED?

We know that those of us who experience low moods, difficult life circumstances and more severe mental health conditions are not restricted to feeling the symptoms for one month of the year.

As a REDer, January is just the beginning. RED January has had life-changing effects on the lives of many people who continue their newly found (or rekindled) relationship with physical activity well into the future.

The RED community and Mind BLMK are here all year round. Feel free to remain part of the community, share stories and offer and receive support after your RED January experience. The RED community will be with you every step, splash and pedal of the way.

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