Here at Mind BLMK we have extensive experience within the field of mental health and wellbeing training.  We offer a unique range of training programmes focused around mental health intervention and wellbeing. With everything from internationally recognised qualifications such as Mental Health First Aid, right through to bespoke sessions tailored to your needs, Mind BLMK can help.

  • We have an experienced pool of Tutors/Trainers who are equipped to deliver effective and informative programmes
  • We are a recognised accreditation centre and have the facility to offer varied accredited courses
  • Bespoke packages are available.

You can browse our courses and workshops below or contact us to discuss your needs. 

Courses and workshops

  • Anger Awareness

    This course looks at anger, why it happens and how to manage it more effectively. Thinking about triggers, effects and ways to reduce the negative impact, this workshop is useful for anyone who feels anger is a problem. Read more

  • Healthy Aspirations

    Healthy Aspirations is your opportunity to learn techniques that are designed to support your emotional wellbeing. The programme will equip you with tools to build your interpersonal skills and assist with individual learning goals. Delivered in small groups in Luton, the sessions are diverse and aim to meet the needs of all participants. Read more

  • Mental Health Awareness

    Our mental health awareness workshop is a great way of gaining greater understanding of the complexities of mental health, in an interesting and accessible way. Although this is a one day course, we can tailor it to meet your needs and cover the things that are essential. Read more

  • Mental Health First Aid

    This is a course suitable for anyone who wants to be able to support people experiencing a mental health difficulty - individuals, companies, organisations, schools - suitable for all. Read more

  • Mental Health First Aid Lite

    Mental Health First Aid Lite is a shorter version of the Mental Health First Aid course, looking at how to provide initial support for someone in a mental health crisis or who is developing a mental health problem. Read more

  • The Human Book Store project

    Do you have a story you would like to share about your personal journey? Mind BLMK will be running this new project in Bedford and Luton in March 2018, encouraging people to share their experience with others. Read more

  • Wellbeing and resilience in the workplace

    This course is specially designed to help support employers maintain a happy and healthy workforce. With mental health being the most common cause of workplace absence and increasing pressures affecting employees, this is an ideal way of building resilience within your workplace. Read more