"To be a leading, independent, sustainable and highly effective organisation that is making a difference to the mental health and wellbeing of people in Bedfordshire, Luton and Milton Keynes."

This statement is more about what we aspire to - we aim to meet this vision in all we do, so that we can best support local people.


"To promote and protect people with mental health problems and assist in the development of people with mental ill health by provisions of support, advice and other services."

This mission is worded so that it meets the standards of the Charity Commission and gives a very broad overview of the overall aims of Mind BLMK. 


Community - knowing and being an integral part of our localities
Respect - valuing everyone as an individual
Opportunity - having a range of options to choose from 
Hope - knowing things will work out
Developing Potential - overcoming barriers to individual achievement
Raising Awareness - talking about mental health and wellbeing

Mind BLMK is an independent charity, but we are affiliated to Mind nationally. This means that we meet high quality standards, have the benefits of the experiences and knowledge of a wide network of Mind associations but are able to work locally, to meet local needs. 

This video helps to explain what Mind does nationally and how local Mind associations, like Mind BLMK, support their communities.