Young people's mental health is essential and yet more and more young people are experiencing difficulties; depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and self-worth, issues around eating, self-harm and suicide are all increasing.

Whilst there is some good work happening, there remain significant gaps in provision, especially at an early stage. Mind BLMK's Youth in Mind project aims to work with young people, those that support them and others in our local communities to develop and deliver a range of options to improve this.

Young people's suicide is at its highest level. At least 3 young people in every classroom are experiencing mental health difficulties. In 2014, there was a 70% increase in A&E attendances for self-harm, with almost 1 in 5 young women reporting that they had self-harmed. Childline has suggested that 87% of children in need cannot access suitable services. These statistics are shocking and show that so much more needs to be done.

You can change things. 

We want to bring together young people, their families and friends, local community members and service providers to explore alternative options for people when they are struggling. So often, young people find that the services that exist are either not suitable, that they don't meet the criteria, that there are long waiting lists or that they can't access them without missing out on school, college or work. They are also often provided without consultation from the very people who will receive support, and local feedback suggests that young people want something different to what is on offer.

You can help. 

Local research shows that 1/3 of young people have low 'resilience' scores, 20% score in the lowest bracket of self-esteem scores and 40% of respondents said that worry stops them enjoying other things.

Feedback is that they:

  • do not want to burden their parents 
  • have difficulties with GPs and health professionals
  • experience a lack of coherent information about sources of support, too much signposting and not enough understanding and personal support 
  • can feel patronised ("I am not a parcel, to be sent from place to place")
  • experience a lack of understanding and sensitivity from teachers, poor confidentiality in handling issues and inappropriate responses.

Don't wait for my problems to become visible

Early work that we have done shows that there is a need and that there is a way forward. Young people have good ideas about what they want and need - support, activities, groups and 1:1 help when they are first having difficulties. This way, they can sort their stuff out before it gets bigger, more difficult and more damaging.

You can make a difference.

Mind BLMK is now keen to use these early conversations to develop a service for young people.  You can help by raising awareness of the issues, by sharing our ideas, by encouraging people to support us and, if you can, by donating to the campaign. 

If you want to support this campaign, you can share details on Facebook, Twitter and other channels - use the hashtag #knowyourmind. You can also donate to the campaign to get us closer to our target - you can do this through our site by clicking HERE