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What is involved in being a Guarantor Member for Mind BLMK?

A Guarantor Member is anyone who knows and supports the organisation’s values and aims.

By signing up to be a Guarantor Member, you will:

  • Have a direct say in how Mind BLMK operates
  • Elect the Board of Directors, who oversee the organisation, at the Annual General Meeting
  • Have a vote on important decisions at the Annual General Meeting
  • It is free to be a Guarantor Member but you will need to pay £1.00 towards the cost of any outstanding debts if Mind BLMK ever has to wind up
  • Receive e-mail updates on what is happening in Mind BLMK

The Board of Trustees will need to approve your application.

When you sign up as a Guarantor Member, you will receive:

  • An introduction pack
  • A membership card, which can be used for voting

For more information or to become a guarantor member today, please fill out the form on the left-hand side of this page or email: [email protected]

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