Why did you want to work for Mind BLMK?

I’ve always had a natural inclination to help people and have an empathic nature. Not only have I supported people very close to me with their mental health, but before working at Mind BLMK I worked in an upper school as the pastoral support worker for 300 teenagers. There, I saw all sorts of mental and emotional health issues – panic, anger, anxiety and depression – many resulting in self harm or even suicidal ideation.

I had just started a counselling qualification. I knew Mind BLMK had a presence in the area and a good reputation, and as I was looking through the job ads I saw an vacancy for an administrator. I decided that working for a local, respected organisation where I could learn about the charity sector whilst doing something I felt confident about at the same time as continuing my course – was going to be really helpful to me and my studies. I also knew that any role I had within such an organisation was going to ultimately benefit people who need support.

I wanted to be part of a solution – a community that delivers support to people, giving them hope and compassion, and a chance to help them improve their outlook and future.


Tell us about your role and any progression?

Starting out as administrator at our HQ, I then progressed to Senior Administrator and then ten months after that; Executive Administrator.

As with all the roles I have had here, my Exec Administrator role is hugely varied, enjoyable and quite demanding! I work closely alongside our CEO, and support her, the wider executive team and also our Board of Trustees with governance related matters.


What do you enjoy the most about working at Mind BLMK?

There’s always more for me to learn and I enjoy new challenges within my role, but I also have core responsibilities which provide me with an all important sense of routine and ownership.


Top tips for new employees?

My top tip would be; that even though you may work in a small team, remember that you are still a very valuable part of a bigger one. Join in with forums when you can, attend a Meet and Greet session, complete surveys and take opportunities to be part of the wider organisation. If you’re new to the charity sector like I was – it’s a demanding environment so be prepared for a challenge – but it’s incredibly rewarding too and you will be working with some of the best people you can imagine.


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