Our vision

Where we want to get to:

We want those in our communities to have the best mental health.

This statement is more about what we aspire to – we aim to meet this vision in all we do, so that we can best support local people.

Our mission

How we plan to get there:

We will improve and promote positive mental health in our communities by:

  • Providing leading mental health services to change lives
  • Influencing the way mental health is perceived and supported

This mission is worded so that it meets the standards of the Charity Commission and gives a very broad overview of the overall aims of Mind BLMK. 

Our values


  • We will be considerate and engage with people appropriately by being open, honest, enabling, discreet and sensitive.


  • We will engage with people in a way which recognises and embraces individuals’ differences by being non-judgemental and maintain professional standards.


  • We will be a compassionate professional by listening to and understanding people’s emotions, thoughts, and experiences. I will put myself in other people’s shoes to gain a deeper understanding, enabling me to respond appropriately.


  • We will bring hope to others by being appropriately positive, optimistic, and motivational. I will take ownership for resolving problems, be a role model to others and set realistic expectations that create the best opportunities for all.

Did you know?

Mind BLMK is an independent charity, but we are affiliated to Mind nationally. This means that we meet high quality standards, have the benefits of the experiences and knowledge of a wide network of Mind associations but are able to work locally, to meet local needs. 

This video helps to explain what Mind does nationally and how local Mind associations, like Mind BLMK, support their communities. 

Mind Quality Mark

MQM is a robust quality assurance framework created by Mind, the mental health charity and sets out the baseline of best practice and legal compliance in all areas of a local Mind’s governance and activities.

To achieve this high accolade, a local Mind must meet or exceed all of the 24 key standards every three years, involving a thorough appraisal of organisational policies and procedures as well as a visit and interviews with trustees, staff, volunteers and people who use services. 

We are pleased to confirm that in August 2023, we were re-awarded the Mind Quality Mark, receiving an excellence in Health and Safety, Information Governance, Effective services and Evaluation and Impact. 

This is a fantastic result for Mind BLMK providing  assurance that we are healthy, ambitious and strong in providing the highest quality support to people experiencing or at risk of developing mental health problems.

If you would like to know more, please contact our Comms team on: [email protected]





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