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Author: Marta Pylinska

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Peer Support Service

Peer support is a term used to describe where people with a similar lived experience come together to provide emotional, social or practical help to each other.


Author: Julie Stock

You in Mind

You in Mind is one of Mind BLMK's new paid for services, giving options for people who may benefit from some additional support.


Author: Julie Stock

Mind BLMK Ambassadors

Mind BLMK launches its Ambassadors scheme – local people helping to reduce stigma, promote understanding and raise awareness.


Author: Steve McNay

Youth in Mind Appeal

Young people's mental health is essential - you can help. Mind BLMK aims to support young people in both designing and delivering the services that they want, to support their wellbeing. Your support can help this happen.

Mindline Trans+ - New National Helpline

Mindline Trans+ is a new national helpline for people who identify as trans or non-binary, and their friends and families.


Author: Julie Stock

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