Why did you want to work for Mind BLMK?

I decided to work in the mental health sector due to my own lived experience initially. Mind BLMK seemed like a really caring and understanding organisation with an interesting range of services in the area.

I wanted to work for an organisation that I knew would help others who were going through what I had been through and would understand if I was struggling.


Tell us about your role and any progression?

When I first started with Mind BLMK I was the part-time administrator based at our HQ.

Since then I saw the growth of the organisation which facilitated a move to full-time hours that also included supporting our HR and Training areas with their administration too. I then applied for the IT & Data Officer role,  and was successful. I have been in this role now for the past two and half years.  I am responsible for ensuring that our IT systems run smoothly and that we have the equipment and databases to run our services.


What do you enjoy the most about working at Mind BLMK?

The two main things that I enjoy the most about Mind BLMK are helping people and the culture. As part of working at our HQ, our roles involve answering the phones to people and this can range from an enquiry, to needing signposting or being there for someone who is really struggling with their mental health.. We can be the first steps for people looking for support and being part of that journey and making that difference, even if it is just listening or providing information makes me proud to work for Mind BLKM. I hope that I can be the person on the phone that I wished I had the chance to speak with when I went through my own mental health difficulties.

The organisation is also such a caring, inclusive and friendly group of people. Any question is never too big an ask for any member of staff. I feel lucky in that my role interacts with pretty much every member of staff across the organisation and I have good relationships with many people and know that if I was struggling I could turn to a number of my colleagues and have a chat, a cup of coffee and just feel a bit better about things.


Top tips for new employees working for Mind BLMK

My tip for new employees is to talk to as many colleagues as possible across a number of different services, it makes the different in feeling embedded in the organisation. I would say ask questions is another big tip, people would rather you show an interest and ask questions if you’re not sure than worrying or struggling with things on your own.


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