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Why did you want to work for Mind BLMK?

Having my own personal experience and for the past 15 years supporting our son on his mental health journey, I felt I had some skills that would benefit others.

During Mental Health Awareness week in 2022, my husband bought home a leaflet from his work about volunteering for Mind BLMK as a Peer Mentor and I applied.


Tell us about your role and any progression?

My current role is a Wellbeing Co-ordinator for Suicide Prevention, which I love and find so rewarding. I am fortunate enough that people want to share their experiences with me, and then I can make them aware that there is always an alternative to ending their life and that we can support them to get them on the right pathway to show them that life is really worth living.

I initially began my journey with Mind BLMK as a Peer Mentor and then joined the Crisis Cafe as a Crisis Peer Support Worker – 2 shifts per week.  I then applied for the 10 hour role as Wellbeing Support Worker Suicide Prevention. 3 months into this role, the vacancy arose for the full time role as a Coordinator, which I applied for and thankfully was successful. So from June 2022 – June 2023 I progressed from volunteer to a full time member of staff.


What do you enjoy the most about working at Mind BLMK?

  • My current role
  • Helping at events to promote Mind BLMK
  • Being given the opportunities to show what I can offer
  • I feel very supported in my role and feel respected from all staff
  • The doors are always open


Top tips for new employees?

My top tip for any new employee is to learn about all of the amazing services that we offer and always ask if you are unsure of anything. 

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Please note: All names and identifying details have been changed to protect our staff identities.

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