Mind BLMK works with a number of local schools – how can we support you?

Mind BLMK has been supporting people locally since 1978. Over that time, we have worked with a number of local schools, offering a range of activities from one-off assemblies, through to providing a wellbeing service for students. There are lots of ways that we can help schools promote the wellbeing of their students, promoting better attendance, achievement and behaviour. 


Mind BLMK can come and provide presentations at assemblies or in smaller groups, promoting positive mental health and wellbeing, help to reduce stigma around mental health and start positive conversations within the student group. This can help with PHSE provision or simply encourage students (and teaching staff) to look after their mental health and support each other. 

Training and workshops

Mind BLMK offers a range of more formal training and workshops, including Mental Health First Aid (including specific courses around young people), Mental Health Awareness, anger, bereavement and loss and managing anxiety in schools. Our training department has a number of highly skilled and experienced tutors and facilitators and can work with you to develop a package that meets your individual needs. You can find more details at our Training and Education page, or contact us for more info. 

1 to 1 support

Mind BLMK provides a range of 1 to 1 support options, including coaching and mentoring. These can provide very specific support for individual students when they are struggling. For many, simply having access to someone to talk to can make a significant difference and help reduce the impact or the length of difficulties. Our mentors and counsellors are fully trained, have regular ongoing professional development opportunities and are fully supervised and supported. 


Many schools have a Charity of the Year or want to undertake some other awareness raising / fundraising activities. Mind BLMK can work with your school to develop a plan, provide resources and support from our workforce. These events provide an opportunity to introduce mental health awareness into the school, offer students an opportunity to learn new skills and have some fun and can help raise much needed funding to enable Mind BLMK to support more local people. If you would like to know more, please contact us on 0300 330 0648 (option 1), or email: [email protected].

Resource Library

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