FSG Property Services Ltd- Race to the Stones

In Memory of Leeanne McGhie

On Saturday 9th & 10th July, FSG Property Services Ltd will be participating in the Race to the Stones Ultra Marathon. They will be walking, jogging, running and maybe some even crawling the 100k over two days, 50k a day, all to help raise awareness surrounding mental health!


For those who have never heard of this awesome event, it has been voted one of the UK’s best endurance events for the past three years and will take them on a challenging route from Lewknor, through incredible scenery lined with Bronze Age Hill forts, Neolithic burial chambers and Roman river crossings, finally ending up the Avebury stone circle. Take a look at the route they will be taking.


It’s certainly going to test the team, both physically and mentally.  To read more about this incredible event click here:

Route – Threshold Trail Series


They are completing this formidable challenge to help raise money and awareness for MIND BLMK and in memory of Leeanne McGhie. A much-loved daughter of an employee Matt and his wife, Teresa McGhie.  Matt and his wife, Teresa McGhie, sadly lost their daughter Leeanne on the 5th of May 2018, age of only 32.

Since Leeanne’s late teens, she struggled with her mental health and 7 years before her death, Leeanne was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). Despite having a diagnosis, Leeanne often felt misunderstood by doctors and mental health workers. In addition to this, access to the right services that could have helped her was either extremely limited or difficult to access at the time; therefore, Leeanne would often self-medicate with alcohol, which became an addiction that would ultimately lead to her losing her life.

The staff have been training so hard over the last few months and their enthusiasm and determination to complete this challenge is both inspiring and humbling.


Leeanne will forever be in the hearts and thoughts of all the McGhie family and friends. To ensure they can keep her memory alive and prevent another loss to mental health, they will all be joining Matt in participating in this crazy 100K challenge!


The team are committed to making a difference and helping to raise awareness surrounding mental health, even though they know it is going to be tough.  Lucy Sharman from FSG Property Services says:

Matt has been with FSG for over 16 years and we are humbled to support him in every way. All donations will go direct to MIND BLMK, which stands for MIND Bedford Luton Milton Keynes, and we would appreciate any amount you can donate


Wishing all the team at FSG Property Services Ltd good luck! 💙💙💙


Thank you for taking the time to read Matt & Teresa McGhie’s story and if you would like to help support them and make a donation, please click here:


Posted on: 11th June 2022

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