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Mental Health Awareness Week 2023

Mental Health Awareness Week is taking place next week (15th – 21st May) and the theme this year is ‘Anxiety.’

Mental Health Awareness Week is an annual campaign created by The Mental Health Foundation to focus on achieving good mental health. They continue to set the theme, organise and host the week each year. The campaign has grown to become one of the biggest awareness weeks across the UK and globally.

By focusing on Anxiety as the theme this year, it will help to raise awareness and understanding, as well as providing people with the tools they need to help stop it from becoming a problem. Anxiety is one of the most common mental health problems we can face, and it’s important to recognise this.

According to the survey by the Mental Health Foundation:

1/4 of adults said they felt so anxious that it stopped them from doing the things they want to do some or all of the time

Mental Health Awareness Week is an ideal time for us all to think about mental health, tackle stigma, and find out how we can create a society that prevents mental health problems from developing and protects our mental well-being.

Our team has created a social media toolkit* with a week’s worth of content and captions, that you can share on your social media accounts. You can even schedule them in, so you don’t even have to worry about posting them on the day!

If you are interested is receiving the ‘Mental Health Awareness Week’ social media toolkit, then drop us an email; [email protected].

Posted on: 11th May 2023

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