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Mind BLMK charity announces how it will continue to support mental health in Bedfordshire, Luton, and Milton Keynes

Local mental health charity Mind BLMK has just announced online its plans to adapt their current range of support for people and organisations across Bedfordshire, Luton, and Milton Keynes during this current climate.

By offering a range of one-to-one support by phone or email, the charity intends to continue supporting people experiencing mental health problems.

Mind BLMK will also be offering wellbeing calls to those in the community, who feel that they would like some support.

Adapting to a new way of support

In the unprecedented times we are facing, never has support for people’s mental health been so important. People who struggle with their mental health are likely to feel even more isolated and extremely anxious. Disruption to support options will be hugely unsettling and detrimental for people’s wellbeing.

Therefore, Mind BLMK’s existing services have been replaced by e-mails and telephone meetings from Friday 20th March 2020 until further notice. Anyone currently receiving help from us will continue to receive that help, just in a different way.

We recognise that with so many people experiencing uncertain times, isolation, loss of income and contact with friends and family, we have a key role to play in helping them manage their mental health and wellbeing.

We are doing everything we can to continue supporting those in our community at this time, and encourage those who need to support to contact us.

The charity will contact their existing participants individually to let them know of this development and to explain the alternative options that they have put in place to continue supporting them.


How to get in touch

Emotional wellbeing support

We are offering emotional wellbeing support over the phone to the wider community. If you feel that you or anyone you know would benefit from having someone to talk to, either as a one-off or regularly over the coming weeks, please get in touch or pass our details on. We are here for you.

Contact details can be found below for each area –

Bedford – Clare Anderson
Phone: 0759 711 3613
Email: [email protected]

Central Bedfordshire – Sapphira Timperio
Phone: 0754 617 4124
Email: [email protected]

Luton please – Katy Eagle
Phone: 0786 739 8246
Email: [email protected]

Milton Keynes – Victoria Sharp
Phone: 01525 722 225
Email: [email protected]

General enquiries
Phone: 01525 722 225 / 0738 787 2451
Email: [email protected]

Crisis support

If you or someone you know needs urgent or crisis support with their mental health, we are here for you. Our Crisis Café will be operating remotely seven days a week, between 5pm – 11pm and can be contacted during these times by phone on 01525 722 225.

If after the phone call it is decided that a face-to-face session would work best for you, this may be offered by one of our trained mental health workers.


A word from our Chief Executive

Mind BLMK’s Chief Executive Officer, Caroline Lewis comments, “We all find ourselves in extremely difficult times – never before have we encountered such a challenge to offering support to so many people. I am however, so hugely grateful to everyone in the charity for really coming together, so we are able to continue to provide support to those in the local community.

One in four people will be diagnosed in their lifetime with a mental health problem. Unfortunately, people with mental health difficulties do often feel isolated – this is nothing new. But this situation is new and will undoubtedly affect all members of the public.

We will be publishing a lot of information and support on our website and through our Social Media channels in the coming days and weeks so that people do not feel alone and have hints and tips on how to look after their mental health whilst being distanced from work, friends and family.”


Ways to support our work

During this uncertain time, any support would be hugely appreciated. If you are in the fortunate position of being able to make a donation towards our work, any amount would be most appreciated.  Please click here to make a contribution towards our work.

To further support our community during this time, we will also be looking to launch (virtually!) Active April shortly too. Encouraging those who do need to stay at home, to engage in accessible and kind exercise activities throughout the month.

We will be sharing more information on this soon – please keep an eye out on our social media channels over the coming weeks for more information.


Helpful links

To help support you and those around you at this time, you may also find the following websites useful –


Posted on: 19th March 2020

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