RED January – Starting 2019 in the most positive way!

We’re very happy to be sharing RED January 2019 with so many of our supporters. You’ll be joining thousands of people around the UK and beyond who are getting active to support their mental health. Last year, 87% of REDers felt significantly better mentally and physically after taking part in RED January (taken from a survey of 3,000 REDers after January 2018).

One of these REDers was Caroline, and she wanted to share how RED January 2018 helped kick-start her year and changed her life.

I now have an amazing tool in my arsenal to help with my mental health for when life gets tough. I really see it like a movement, a movement of REDers all together going forward to help raise awareness for mental health and Mind’s vital work in this field.

You can read Caroline’s full and inspiring story here.







Once you’ve signed up to take part, you can join the online RED community for extra support and motivation by clicking the social icons below:






If social media’s not your thing, you can check out our website page here to download some free materials to help you on your way. You can also sign up on that page to take part if you haven’t done so already.

Thanks so much to all those supporters who’ve already signed up. We really appreciate it and look forward to supporting you throughout January and beyond.




Posted on: 17th December 2018

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